Janey B
Logo Design / Business Cards

Janey Betts bee logo design

Logo Design

Janey B – dance teacher, choreographer, and Zumba instructor came to us asking for a full re-brand of her services. We happily obliged and began producing material to notify her existing client base, beginning with the logo, business card design and flyer.

Stay tuned for more updates on this, as we will be producing a new website, with unique photography, video and graphics!

Website Design

The new website was made to provide a friendly user experience, while allowing her clients to use the new booking and scheduling feature supplied by Glofox. The incorporation of this in to the design and build of the site has saved Janey hours in admin work as well as streamlining the payment system. Janey can now purely focus on providing quality classes while the website managesĀ  her business for her.

Print Design

As it came closer to the launch date, more promotional material was required, so Janey approached us requesting additional print related material be prepared.

We came back with some postcards to hand out to her existing clients, as well as posters to put up around the venues where her classes are held.

Business cards

This business card was created with Janey’s image in mind. The logo on the front of the business card is designed to look like a ribbon, which we thought was a great way to show the movement of dance.

business card design buckingham