Us creative folk have been recognized in this year’s honors list. Amongst them are MagneticNorth founder Lou Cordwell who received an OBE for services to the creative and digital economy. Also, Royal Mint Advisory Committee member, Blondel Bernadette Roscelia Cluff received a CBE for her services to Numismatic Design and Caribbean community in the UK and abroad… This is great for young designers and creators to see that through hard work and innovation in your field you can be recognized for your contribution to the design world in the UK and abroad.

Stand out person:

There is one person, for me, who is missing from the honors list who deserves a little recognition is Ryan Germick – the Google Doodle chief. OK – he’s American and can’t be on the list, but his team produce the most amazing doodles every day and in my opinion a Google doodle is the only artwork most people ever see! Along with recognizing significant people in history and significant days of the year.

One of my personal favourite google doodles was for the late graphic artist and comic writer Will Eisner.

honors list

And the very first ever Google doodle was an ‘out of office’ message when the Google founders Larry page and Sergey Brin, were at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. And Google Doodle was born.

honors list

Why not take a closer look next time you Google something and enjoy a little bit of creative artwork at your fingertips!