Cupcakes and catastrophes

After weeks of organising, planning and coming up with great ideas we made it to our launch party! What a great event it was.

The day started out by me scurrying around to the Local Tesco to pick up our fizzy supplies and carting in 50 party bags lovingly (begrudgingly) put together by my little helpers AKA I paid my daughters! But the end result was amazing and very brand appropriate. Next to arrive were the branded cupcakes, if you read my previous blog you’ll see how much I needed everything to be aesthetically pleasing and the definite inclusion of balloons. The cupcakes looked amazing but they did not go without a hitch. The previous batch arrived the day before damaged mainly due to the courier carrying it under his arm like a newspaper clearly unaware of the precious cargo, but after a quick call to the cake company ( they very kindly made me a new batch for free, which arrived by 11:30am!   

Opening the doors while the prosecco pours

With balloons inflated and goody bags arranged, 4:30 chimes clients quite literally come pouring in – thankfully.

There was that feeling in the pit of my stomach that no one would turn up and all the staff would get merry on the prosecco and gin and tonics! But we had an excited flurry of old and new clients who took the time to visit us and give their congratulations to our newest venture. We were particularly privileged to welcome the Mayor of Buckingham Jon Harvey. Incidentally he opened the Cloudy Groups‘ very first business – The New Innternet, which was an internet café operated from the basement of local pub The New Inn (see what we did there?). It was so great that Jon found the time to support and encourage local businesses in Buckingham.  

Mingling and musing

Our launch was not only a celebration of all the hard work that went into starting Cloudy Creative, it was also a great opportunity to talk face to face with so many of our clients and also to thank them for their custom and taking the time to attend the launch party.

We are so grateful to everyone who took the time to attend and wish us well. Also thanks to the very talented chefs from Nelson Street and Binn, both marvellous Buckingham based restaurants who provided the delicious canapés on the night. A huge thank you also to Foxdenton who kindly donated the goliath bottle of gin for our main prize and the skilled artist Martyn Thompson for his art donation. Lots of photos were taken during our launch, so if you didn’t manage to make it or if you want to see the shanigans of the day please view our gallery here