My name is Sam and I’m a stationery addict

As a self-confessed stationery addict I thought working as a copywriter in a digital marketing agency would mean putting away my favourite pens (which I have in every colour made) and abandoning my notebook specially designed to make lists.

But how wrong was I? I love nothing more than sitting in a meeting and watching people take notes on their iPad and laptops and talking about SEO and branding, while I write in my best grown up handwriting in my flowery/stripy/ gold embossed notebook. There is even more joy when after said meetings I can feel a little smug when the e-notetakers asks for my meeting notes as they are more comprehensive. Yay for the pen and paper!!

It’s in the genes

I am 100% sure my obsession with stationery stems from my dads’ love of pens.

Although he worked in IT he had the most amazing collection of pens. We would regularly visit WHSmith to enjoy the newest gel flow pen or to just smell paper! We both appreciate the humble biro but will fawn over a beautiful Mont Blanc or a wonderful Waterman, and marvel at how neat it makes our handwriting. I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than trying out your new pen and vowing that you are going to write to some relative who still has an appreciation for the handwritten word – haven’t actually done this yet but there is always tomorrow.

Just one more won’t hurt – will it?

Graphic designers spend a lot of their time in front of their screens creating clever logos and designing a fantastic website.

I however and blessed enough to have a director who is also an artist and looking at some of the artwork he has created is a privilege and takes me back (I’m not that old by the way) to when I used to draw all the time. I have now replaced drawing with writing and my usual trip to paper chase or John Lewis is usually filled with “just one more note book might be handy” or 2, if I get this pack of pens I can keep one in every room” and so on and so on. Inevitably though you can guarantee that you can NEVER find a pen in my house when you need one! But I insist my pen shopping trips are essential but maybe not a fruitful around the house as they should be but my pens are MY PENS! I admit it I am a stationery addict.

How addicted are you?

I am convinced I can’t possibly be the only addict hiding out there in the digital marketing world...

I found this cool little test on Buzzfeed that show if you, like me are a stationery addict. Have a go and if you score higher than 80% you can rest assured that you are joining me in the world of gold spiraled hardback notebooks, Filofaxes and pastel coloured co-ordinating pens!